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This piece explores the seven archetypal female roles from literature and film, focusing on each archetype’s vitality to their world and to each other. I have also written a poem to accompany the work to guide the audience through the musical landscape. I was inspired to compose this work while witnessing and participating in the Women Play Clarinet Too movement, which strives for equal recognition of female clarinetists to their male counterparts across the globe.


I was also inspired by the strength of my mother, with whom I have been grieving the sudden loss of her younger brother. The first movement, “The Mother,” is a lullaby written in my mother’s honor. Other movements include “The Damsel,” “The Witch,” “The Warrior,” “The Sage,” “The Lover,” and “The Queen.”


This piece was premiered at ClarinetFest 2024 in Dublin, Ireland. 

Seven Women for Solo Clarinet

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