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Lessons occur weekly in 30, 45, and 60 minute durations. Most lessons are most appropriate for children and adults ages 11 and older. However, recorder lessons are appropriate for children and adults ages 5 years and older. Groups (friends, parent + child, siblings, etc.) are welcomed to share lessons, but students seeking group lessons must recruit their own group lesson mates.

Instrument/Emphasis options for lessons include:

B-flat (soprano) Clarinet

Bass Clarinet


Recorder (any size or key)

Music Composition

You can book your lessons one at a time using this booking page, or you can sign up for regular lessons on a weekly or monthly basis with some awesome perks! To enroll, select a pricing plan at checkout to secure your regular appointment time. Please do not book a regular lesson time on the weekends (ad hoc lessons on the weekend are fine). While the website will give you access, I will ask you to reschedule. Regular lessons booked with a pricing plan include a quarterly complimentary box of reeds (of your choice) and unlimited access to the Daily Scale Method Course video series!

We'll work together to make sure you sound your best! From audition and performance preparation to better ensemble skills and practice routines, the Clever Clarinetist will help you reach your musical goals!

In-Person Lessons
Online Lessons