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Key : Bb / A  

Pitch : 440/442 Hz  

Body : Highest Quality Selected  Aged Grenadilla 

Bore : Poly-Cylindrical  

Barrel:  Adjustable zoom style from 64mm--68mm  

Keywork : Heavier Silver Plated 18 Keys  

Springs : Blue steel  

Pads :  Valentino 

Royal Global Polaris Soprano Clarinets

PriceFrom $3,680.00
  •  I know you're excited about your new clarinet, and I'm excited for you! If you purchase a clarinet through the website without previously having a conversation with me (Dr. Larkin Sanders) about your clarinet wants/needs/desires, then please expect a 3-day shipping time so we can discuss your order. If you'd like to start the discussion now, please email me at

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