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Inspired by the most prized, vintage mouthpieces of the 1920s, Reserve harnesses modern technology, pioneered by D’Addario, to recreate the incomparable mouthpiece craftsmanship of yesteryear. Milled—not molded—from hard rubber for a higher level of consistency, every Reserve mouthpiece is machined to the strictest tolerances. Of course, the true beauty of Reserve lies beyond its polished angles, curves, and proprietary material to something far more remarkable: its sound.

Suited for clarinetists of all ages, abilities, and geographic locations, our Reserve mouthpiece models offer an array of resistance options in two different pitch systems.

D'Addario Reserve & Evolution Mouthpieces

PriceFrom $110.99
  • The Reserve Mouthpiece is available in 4 models with slightly different tip openings pitched at A = 441  (American tuning). If you are interested in a D'Addario mouthpiece at a higher pitch, please email me and I'll gladly get it for you.

    All mouthpieces are milled (not molded) from hard rubber. The Evolution in Marbled Rubber is made of a limitted edition marbled rubber.

    Model Tip Opening
    X0 1.0 mm
    X5 1.05 mm
    X10 1.12 mm
    Evolution 1.08 mm


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