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For intermediate students looking to own their first wooden step-up clarinet, the Beta offers unparalleled value and beautiful out-of-the box playability.

Featuring unstained, naturally-aged grenadilla wood, the barrel, body and bell are all crafted in Canada from the exact same wood used for our

professional and custom clarinets. With a comfortable blowing resistance and an ergonomic key work mechanism, moving up to the Beta clarinet is a

breeze. Water resistant custom black leather pads, an adjustable thumb rest with neck strap ring, and a backpack style case round out an impressive

list of features at an even more impressive price. The Backun Beta Clarinet package includes a mouthpiece kit featuring the newly designed Backun

Protégé Mouthpiece, Rovner Dark ligature and cap and one Légère Signature reed.

Backun Beta Clarinet

PriceFrom $2,270.00
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