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From the minds of Jenny Maclay and Larkin Sanders comes a fun, new card game for clarinetists: the Anti-Practicing Clarinet Club! This clarinet-specific deck of cards will serve as either a supplement to Cards Against Humanity or its own free-standing game. If you are unfamiliar with Cards Against Humanity, please visit this link to learn more:


This free download consists of several PDFs with black (prompt) cards and white (answer) cards on 8.5 x 11 sheets so that they are capatible with most home printers. It also comes with the CSV files of data collected from clarinetists to create the cards.


The cardstock used for playing cards is typically 300gsm silk card stock, but feel free to use whatever weight of paper/cardstock you prefer.


I also recommend using a cutting machine to make your cards. You can use traditional scissors, but you’ll be there for a long time and will probably experience hand soreness. Here’s the cutting machine I used to make mine:


You can also purchase a professionally made hard-copy from The Game Crafter! Follow this link to learn more and purchase:

Anti-Practicing Clarinet Club - A Game for Terrible Clarinetists

  • To print your cards, use your prefered PDF reader to open the files and print. If your printer is capable of double-sided printers, select "short side" double-sided printing and adjust the scale as needed (I have to scale my print to 98% to work with my HP Laser Jet Pro M203dw). If your printer is not capable of double-sided printing, print the odd pages first, then flip + reload, and print the even pages second. I recommend testing a few pages before running the entire prints.

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