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Welcome to the consortium for a new work for solo bass clarinet by Larkin Sanders led by Johnny Engelke! By contributing to this consortium, you will recieve a dedication on the the first page of the sheet music and early access to the digital sheet music upon completion.


Johnny has requested that the work is upbeat and funky, and it will be dedicated to his cat, Roman. This may result in fun things like a nod to Prokofiev, didgeridoo techniques, and more fun stuff. The final work will be about 6 minutes.

As the leader of the consortium, Johnny will maintain the right to premiere the work. The Plattsburgh Clarinet Choir has donated funds to preserve exclusive performance rights for consortium contributors for the first year after the world premiere by Johnny Engelke.


This digital download will serve as a receipt for your contribution to this project.

Solo Bass Clarinet Consortium Led by Johnny Engelke

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