Curious about Silverstein Works' Ambipoly Reeds and Ligatures, but not quite ready to commit? For the cost of $1 + Shipping, you can spend 1 week with a trial set of ligatures and reeds! Just select your ligature size and reed strength range. 


The trial box comes with: 

1 Original Ligature

1 Estro Ligature (gold)

1 Cryo 4 Ligature (gold)

1 Hexa Ligature (gold)

1 Hexa Ligature (rose gold)

1 Hexa Ligature (black)

3 Ambipoly Vivace Reeds

3 Ambipoly Primo Reeds


Use this document to find your mouthpiece and ligature size. Please send me an email if you need help!


Once the trial week is complete, simply ship/return the items in their original packaging to the shop to receive your discount code to purchase your chosen items at! 

Silverstein Trial Ligature & Reeds Box

Ligature Size
Reed Strengths
  • Please return the items to: 

    Clever Clarinetist, LLC

    4440 Bell St.

    Kansas City, MO 64111

    If the items are not returned within the aloted trial period, the customer will be charged $1660 for the full collection of items.

816-654-6145 | Kansas City

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