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Designed with an acoustically inspired shape and a different taper than the Traditional, the Focus barrel helps to produce a sound that is dark, even, and resonant, all while improving intonation and articulation response. The Focus barrel is especially suitable for bringing "core" back to older instruments, or for those musicians looking to transfer resistance to their instrument from their mouthpiece/reed set-up and improve/lower pitch in higher pitched areas of the clarinet, specifically throat tones and left hand clarion pitches.The Focus Barrel has a remarkable impact on articulation. Brian Corbin says, “When there is a difference in bore size between the mouthpiece and barrel, barrel and upper joint, there is a "choke" that is created by the abrupt change in the bore. This of course depends on the mouthpiece exit bore dimensions and the clarinet, but in general this choke adds resistance which helps increase response. Often, people attempt to compensate for old mouthpieces or horns that have lost resistance by switching to harder reeds that don't really match the facing properly.  It is much less work and more effective to add a barrel with a taper. This severe taper also adds center and "focus" in the sound, and in general is less flexible and "darker," with the bottom end being emphasized more. You trade ring in the sound, color, broader sound for something more singular and more compact with this barrel, making it a great option to bring life back into clarinets or set ups that have gone too far in the other direction.  This was originally designed for my R13 that had lost the hold in the sound after a decade of heavy playing and a few cracks to boot. I still use this horn. There's no magic, just pure physics.”

Corbin Focus Barrel

PriceFrom $189.00
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