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This kit gives you a full week with a complete set of VENN reeds by D'Addario and Ambipoly reeds by Silverstein Works! Find the perfect synthetic reed for you, and you'll recieve a discount code to use at Silverstein Works when you've found that one reed to rull them all!


To book a free, in-person trial session, please book here: 


If your prefered reed is a D'Addario VENN, you'll be invoiced for a fresh reed at with a 5% discount, which will be shipped to you promptly. 


Each kit requires a deposit:

E-flat (Ambipoly ONLY, 6 reeds): $120

B-flat & A (Ambipoly Primo & Vivace and VENN, 18 reeds): $360

Bass (Ambipoly & VENN, 12 reeds): $240


Please mail a check deposit to 4440 Bell St., Kansas City, MO 64111. Once your deposit clears, your kit will be mailed to you. This deposit is refundable upon the return of the reeds to the Clever Clarinetist. 


If the kit is not returned after 7 days, the customer will be billed for an additional week. After 4 weeks, the customer will be billed for the entire collection of reeds.


INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS: Due to COVID-19 and trade issues, trial kits are not available for international shipping at the moment. Thank you for understanding! 


By purchasing this kit, the customer agrees to all of the terms and conditions stated above. 

Synthetic Reeds Trial Kit

PriceFrom $20.00
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