Use this pattern to sew your own clarinet drape masks! All you need to make a mask is:


  1. 2 pieces of fabric (area: 15" x 22")
  2. 4 2ft pieces of ribbon or another strap material
  3. Your sewing machine & desired thread! 


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  1. Print your pattern; make sure that the scale is 100% and that you're printing 1-sided
  2. Cut the pieces and tape them together so that the edges line up.
  3. Using your pattern, cut 2 mask pieces (front and back) on the folds of your fabrics of choice. 
  4. With the front fabric right side up, line your ribbons/straps up with the marks provided by the pattern (ribbons/straps should be flowing towards the center of the mask).
  5. Place the back fabric right side down against the right side of the front fabric.
  6. Pin everything in place (especially the ribbons/straps)
  7. Sew it all together, and leave a 2-3 inch opening to pull the fabric through and let the ribbons hang out of it.
  8. Pull the ribbons/material through the hole
  9. Iron your seams and fold in the seam at the hole
  10. Stitch around the edge.
  11. Optional: Use an invisible stitch to close the flaps where the pull-through hole was.

Clarinet Drape Mask Sewing Pattern


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