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Your musicianship requires the best. You demand the highest standards of your equipment. Your mouthpiece must not only serve the demands of your technical execution, but it must inspire.  EPIC™ clarinet mouthpieces will help you achieve an artistic level that is greater than you had imagined.


EPIC™'s demanding standards of execution come from the culmination of everything we have learned from our 25-year history. EPIC™’s marvelous voice is available to clarinetists of all genres.  Whether it is in a classical, jazz, or concert band setting, there is a perfect EPIC™ for you.


EPIC™ clarinet mouthpieces are available for Bb, Eb, and Bass Clarinet.


Behn Proprietary Rod Rubber is used exclusively in EPIC™ mouthpieces. Its acoustics, material formulation, and compound are an AUTHENTIC recreation of 1920s "Golden Era" French Rod Rubber. 

Behn EPIC + VINTAGE Clarinet Mouthpieces

PriceFrom $950.00
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