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Beginning Clarinet


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Clarinet Lessons


Altissimo Fingering Chart

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Kansas All-State Packet

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Missouri All-State Packet

All-State Scales

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Orchestral Excerpts

Assembled by

Dr. Larkin Sanders

Listen to the Playlist

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Composing for Clarinet

By Dr. Larkin Sanders

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Introduction to the Clever Clarinetist Method

Scales, Arpeggios, and Thirds for Record

Scales, Arpeggios, and Thirds for Recorders in C and F

One Month of Socials - Monthly

Monthly Social Planner

For Musicians


Lay a Foundation

Tools & Care

from D'Addario & Co.

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Lay a Foundation

Learn the Basics

from D'Addario & Co.

Set - Building Proper Clarinet Technique

Build Proper Technique

from D'Addario & Co.

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Clarinet Black Hole



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Clarinet & Claricorns Black Hole



Pages from CC Bass Clarinet Adendum - Fu

Bass Clarinet

Scales, Arpeggios,

and Thirds